The Call Control suite of services is included with all Shaw Mobile rate plans and provides access to enhanced features that add flexibility to your wireless experience. 

Call Control includes the following five (5) services:

  • Caller ID
  • Missed Call Alerts
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Conferencing Calling

Caller ID

Caller ID allows you to see the phone number of an incoming call, provided that the number is not listed as unknown or the caller has not blocked their number from displaying. Shaw Mobile’s Caller ID service does not include Name Display, but some smartphone devices will automatically search for a name or business associated with an incoming call. Phone numbers that are saved on your mobile device with a name will show the name and/or phone number during an incoming call.

Hiding your Number from Call Display

To help maintain your privacy, you can choose to have your phone number and name blocked from being displayed to the person you’re calling.

To withhold your phone number from displaying on a recipient’s device when calling them:

  • Dial #31# plus the phone number you’re calling and hit Send.

When that person receives your call, their phone will show an incoming call from “unknown”. 

For example, to block the phone at 555-555-1234 from seeing your phone number, you would dial: #31#5555551234

Your handset may be enabled to turn on phone number display blocking for all outbound calls, regardless of who you’re calling. Please refer to your handset manual for details.

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding lets you redirect incoming calls from your Shaw Mobile phone number to another Canadian phone number. Call Forwarding features are available for no extra charge when your mobile device is on either the Shaw network or a Nationwide partner network in Canada.

Additional charges may apply for using the Conditional Call Forwarding while roaming internationally for calls back to Canada from the roaming destinations. To avoid incurring charges we recommend setting up Unconditional Call Forwarding (see below) before roaming, or enabling WiFi Calling on your phone.

Learn More: Shaw Mobile: Call Forwarding

Call Waiting

If you are on a phone call and receive another call, Call Waiting will notify you with an audible beep, and your device may display information about the incoming call and options to accept or decline the call. If you do not answer the second call, the caller will redirected to voicemail.

Missed Call Alerts

Missed Call Alert provides information about calls made to your Shaw Mobile phone number while your device was turned off, set to Airplane Mode or outside of the mobile coverage area. When your device regains connectivity with the mobile network or WiFi calling is enabled, you will receive a text message with the phone number, date and time of incoming calls that were made to your phone number while your device was unreachable.

Conference Calling

Conference Calling allows you to connect to up to three people (2 + you) on one call. To activate Conference Calling from your mobile device, start a call with one participant and follow on-screen instructions to add another caller. Some devices will start the second call and provide an option to merge both calls together.

If you are calling a phone number that is not included with your rate plan or Add-Ons, long distance charges may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to all the Call Control features when I am on the Nationwide network?

Yes, all Call Control services are available when your device is connected to the Nationwide network.

Do I have access to all the Call Control features when I am roaming outside of Canada?

We cannot guarantee that Call Control features are available when roaming outside of the Shaw or Nationwide networks. Availability varies by country and roaming partner. We continually work with our roaming partners to provide Shaw Mobile customers with access to Call Control features when travelling outside of Canada.

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