Member limit on group MMS?


Switched to Shaw a few months ago and I am having issues with one particular group MMS.

I have kept my same number and I had no issues when it was on Public mobile.

Using Samsung Galaxy S8 with google messages app.

There are 18 total members in this group text with a mix of iphones and android.

I have followed all the shaw trouble shooting with reapplying SIM, APN, and network settings to no avail. 

I have tried with RCS enabled and disabled; no difference

I have had the group recreated brand new.

I receive messages sent to the group, but if I try to send a message to the group, it will not go through.

I receive an error: "Message not sent. service not activated on network"

Other group MMS with less members seems fine. I have been able to send and receive on groups with as many as 6 members for sure.

Does anyone know if there is a limit and how many that might be?

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Thanks so much for waiting, ! Apologies for the delayed r...


Thanks so much for waiting, @DW99! Apologies for the delayed reply. This platform is not closely monitored like all of our other platforms. If you continue to have trouble with your MMS group texting, please reach out to our Shaw Mobile team. They will be the best ones to assist with your inquiry.

You can contact them by phone at 1-888-472-2222 and select Option 2 for Shaw Mobile or follow this direct link to the Shaw Mobile service chat:

Or you can dial 611 directly from your Shaw Mobile phone.




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Why not just answer the question? Yes, Shaw has a limit o...


Why not just answer the question?

Yes, Shaw has a limit of 10 people in a group chat.  It seems like you can receive messages if you are part of a larger group, but you can't reply.  If you try to reply you get the error "Message not sent: service not activated on network", although you can still send MMS messages to groups of 10 or less. (or maybe less than 10, not sure on the exact limit - would be nice if someone from Shaw could confirm).

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