Network not Registering Incoming Calls


So far, when my father, my oncologist from the BC Cancer Agency, my old landlord, and potential employers call, they get an "all circuits busy" with no option to leave a voicemail. These are from established landline, and I have NEVER had a problem receiving calls from them before.

Now, not a single call will come through. I've missed essential over-the-phone appointments with my doctors already, my Dad can't get ahold of me until I call him, and I've lost employment.

Shaw customer service blames their providers, saying the calls don't even register as incoming on the network - Which is exactly the problem. Why aren't these calls being logged? I can't exactly call up the BC Cancer Agency and say "hey, reconfigure your whole telecommunications network!" but that's what I was told to do.

I also have another line, for my partner, and the same thing for him - we can call each other, and I have received calls from other cells, but no land lines. Sure makes job hunting a nightmare, making us both look very unprofessional and like we're shifty. Not good.

I've also paid my bill, but am told I can't receive compensation for the failure to render the services I paid for until the issue is "resolved" .... which, no one will give me any information beyond "keep checking back in."

I'm paying for this. This is so frustrating and having a really negative impact on our lives.