Rogers Calculating Mobile Data Differently???


Hey everyone,

I've been a Shaw Mobile customer since June of 2021 so a little over 2 years and I've never had an issue with the service or ever reaching a "DATA LIMIT".

Since the merger every month I get a 70%, 80%, 90% data used messages from Rogers. So on July 10th which is what I've been told is the reset date, I monitored my DATA usage, according to my app it states I've used 14GB between July 10th and July 27th, but I got a notice from Rogers saying I've used up 22.43GB.

Has anyone else been having issues with Roger's calculating its data usage differenty???

Again, for 2 years I've never had an issues with Shaw and a data usage issue, not until Rogers merger was allowed.

I've had a ton of other problems as well with my by increasing by $25.00 for no reason and an addon of Crave TV which I've never had before.

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-- your one device shows one number, and your account sho...

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@ProphetTech -- your one device shows one number, and your account shows a much-higher number. 

Is it possible that you have more than one device on your account, and it has also been using "data" ?

Contact Shaw (1-888-472-2222) to remove Crave from your account, or use the My Shaw Portal to remove it.

While connected to that Portal, you can review every "transaction" on your account, for the past 24 months. Does it show the date when the $25 was added?


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