No dialtone after power outage


The power went out. It is back now. My 2 line system has no dialtone. The Shaw modem is in an electrical room in the complex, I have no access to it. I plug in my tester phone (I fix computers for a living), still no dialtone. I phoned helpline, after an hour on hold was told to call Business Help. After 48 minutes dismissing person answers (by then I am driving because I have work to do) but have two employees in the store. Dismissive Shaw Person says, my modem "JUST" came back on-line, "should be all good now, okay?". I say, please call the number to see if it works. She puts me on hold, calls number, comes back saying it's all good, it's ringing. I say well, it's been ringing all morning for the caller but not in my store. I have two employees there, they would've answered. Well, Dismisiive Shaw Person says the problem must be with my equipment. I figured out how to forward my business line to my cellphone for now, will call Business Support again tonight when I have time and an available phoneline to tie up.

Hoping someone from Shaw sees this and does something. 250-746-9715. (If no answer 9-5 it's because IT DOES NOT WORK!.

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Re: No dialtone after power outage


Hi seasidecomputers 

We apologize for the troubles with this! With the storm yesterday we have had many customers without service, and we understand that can be very frustrating. It sounds like your phone should be working, though. Unfortunately since you don't have access to the terminal, you likely will need to speak with business support to get this resolved. Why isn't my Shaw Business phone service working? has some tips (if, by chance, you are able to gain access to the terminal you can give that a try). Otherwise, your best bet would be to get in touch with business support again. You can find the contact info on Contact Us 

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