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int 300 worst choice for gaming so far


internet 300‌ arris xb6

i've been using int.150 about 3 years and very satisfied. so i switched to 300 about 3 month ago.

right after i switched, i noticed i can not play internet game due to frequently lag and DC.

these days i play battelground with my friends, i am the only one having issue with lagging and disconnecting. but they are using telus or slower one from shaw...  of course it is not happening all the time but once it started... all i can do is just turn off.

i am spending more money and i am the only one have problem while i play game with friends...

i've been research to solve this dc problem. i found there is nothing i can do about it. because 2 years contract.



eMTA & DOCSIS Software Version:
Software Image Name: TG3482SHW_3.0p29s1_PROD_sey
Advanced Services: TG3482G
Packet Cable: 1.5
Dec 6 between 1am - 2am... cant play pubg battleground....
now i switched back to int 150 and i played online game more than 10hrs.
experiencing no more disconnection so far.
if anyone thinking switching 300 to 150, do not waste time to talk to tech guy, just talk to billing team.
usually, takes 30 - 50 mins to hold so i was been hold about an hour to talk to tech guy and billing team.
Who Me Too'd this topic