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Member limit on group MMS?


Switched to Shaw a few months ago and I am having issues with one particular group MMS.

I have kept my same number and I had no issues when it was on Public mobile.

Using Samsung Galaxy S8 with google messages app.

There are 18 total members in this group text with a mix of iphones and android.

I have followed all the shaw trouble shooting with reapplying SIM, APN, and network settings to no avail. 

I have tried with RCS enabled and disabled; no difference

I have had the group recreated brand new.

I receive messages sent to the group, but if I try to send a message to the group, it will not go through.

I receive an error: "Message not sent. service not activated on network"

Other group MMS with less members seems fine. I have been able to send and receive on groups with as many as 6 members for sure.

Does anyone know if there is a limit and how many that might be?

Who Me Too'd this topic