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My Blue Curve TV has 4 technical issues


My Blue Curve TV has 4 serious problems.  1 has been ongoing since I got the Blue Curve equipment.  One is recurring for the last 3-4 months and is getting steadily worse, and 2 occurred over the weekend.

  1.  For many months, I get recordings of every repeat of the same program, same episode.  I will have 2.=, 3, 4, ... to as many as 7 separate recordings of the exact same program.  If I don't keep deleting them, the recordings will fill to the maximum.
  2. For the last 3-4 months, I get random audio dropouts, where there will be no sound at all for several seconds.  It happens on live and recordings.  They have become increasingly frequent to where I can rarely get through an hour without a recurrence.
  3. Since this past weekend, the Guide is totally scrambled, with channels appearing out of order, with the wrong name or wrong number, many with no name at all.  It's impossible to program a recording or even know what's on some channels.
  4. I am now getting regular interruptions reporting it has lost connection with the host.
    I have to change channels or switch something else for it to recover.

For all of these problems I have tried endless restarts and also power-off reboots, with no effect at all.
Please service my system. I am Shaw user PickerDad.

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