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Mobile Wi-fi calling / texting, issues with some questions.


Situation : I live in a 'covered' area, but like any other cell network that 'covers' my area, it doesn't.

Connection Issue : All three lines have trouble connecting to the cell network. They think they are connected, but calls likely won't connect, or may drop if they do connect. There is also a decent chance that incoming calls and voice mails will not be reported as occurring for hours or even days after they occurred.

Texting Issue One : All three lines struggle to send them out, and may or may not timely get them in. (Getting my security code for second step log in to check my account took about 3 minutes.)

Texting Issue Two : One line cannot just send text messages. I have to try to send it, wait a bit, then click the message to tell it to send as SMS. (Or maybe SMS failed and I'm telling it to send as simpler?)

Attempted Solution : I tried checking if I accidentally turned wi-fi calling off. One line said it was still on, a second line said it was on but also off... didn't make sense to me, two settings related to it. So, to be safe... I just went through the steps for turning it on for both lines to make sure... including logging in to 'update' the emergency call address. I'll do that with the third line when the user gets home.

Question 1 : Are received calls always via network? As in, if I have wi-fi calling preferred on my phone, will incoming calls to my phone be routed through my home wi-fi instead of the cell network?

Question 2 : Does this allow text messages to go through wi-fi as well? I did notice a 'send SMS via data/wi-fi when available', but does that ignore the wi-fi calling settings?

Question 3 : Is there a setting to set text messages to only send out as basic texts? So I don't have to keep re-sending texts. I would even be fine with 'auto resend as basic if fancy texting fails'.

Current Status : Initial testing after 're-setting up' wi-fi calling. Was able to text one line from the other line. Was able to call one line from the other line.

Note : One phone did have a pending software update that it didn't tell me about until I rebooted as part of the 'set up wi-fi calling'. The other phone last updated in August and has no update available. Third phone is still out of the house as of completing this post.

Who Me Too'd this topic