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Wi-fi calling not reliable at home


I first switched to Shaw Mobile because cell tower coverage is unreliable at my house, usually requiring I step outside to make a phone call. However, my original carrier stopped covering my house at all... had to walk 5 minutes away to make a phone call. So I switched to another carrier and that worked to just step outside to make calls, but then after a major windstorm I again had to walk almost 10 minutes away to make a call. Then Shaw offered mobile with wi-fi calling, and far cheaper... so I switched over. And that worked for a few months.

Currently, while at home, all three lines maybe see the 'nationwide' network, but cannot use it to place or receive calls. We have all three set to have wi-fi calling as priority.

One line regularly throws notifications of 'unable to connect to wi-fi calling', usually it just keeps it displayed constantly... but some days (like today) could throw the notification a few times per hour for much of the day. Sometimes it can make and receive calls... but usually it fails.

Another line, spends most of it's time off to shut it up... because every time it does connect, there are a bunch of notifications for missed spam calls. And they go off every time it reconnects, even if the notification is cleared.

The third line claims to be working, and can place and receive calls at home... however, the person on the other end usually can't hear us.

Previous attempts at solving:
- I have re-setup the wi-fi calling a couple times. One time, the setup had been at least half deleted for two phones... but another time, it was fine.
- One agent tried telling me that wi-fi calling only works when roaming is enabled... and then they enabled roaming on my account. Because I live so close to the border, I instantly got the 'welcome to the States' text message, as well as a message about the rates and a few other things. However, if we leave roaming enabled then we get those text messages regularly through the day. (With my last contact to an agent, I told them to not enable roaming on my account... and I will likely continue to mention that when contacting agents in the future.)
-- That same agent that thought roaming would solve wi-fi calling was also the one that messed up my plans. I had requested the one line that still had an internet plan to be switched to the no-data plan... and instead, she switched my $0/m plan to $10/m plan. Thus, I was paying more for that phone... and still paying for data that wasn't being used on the other. (I have since gotten the data plan reduced to non-data, but that 'early adopter' rate for that one line is gone now. Oh well, it's only $120 extra per year... plus tax.)

Plans we are considering:
- For one line, the user is considering switching to another provider... as visitors with that provider seem to be able to make calls.
- For the other two lines, I'm considering looking into options for either landline or possibly just a pure VoIP service. Sure, that sacrifices being able to call if I get stranded on the road... but I could just get a pre-pay number to cover those situations.

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