On December 14, TV Polonia will cease broadcasting.

TV Polonia is a network targeted to Polish-speaking audiences outside of Poland. It broadcasts many of the shows also broadcast by TVP's domestic channels. The network recently made the decision to cease broadcasting in Canada. This decision was not made by Shaw. 

To assist you with this change, here are some FAQs:



Will there be a replacement channel?

No, after the network ceases broadcasting, it will not be replaced with another channel. The network itself has decided to cease broadcasting in Canada.


How about Polskie Radio?

Polskie Radio 1 and 2 will cease broadcasting as well.


How will this affect my bill?

If you have the channel, the charge will simply be removed. 


I am subscribed to 200 Minutes to Poland calling plan attached to the TV Polonia subscription. What will happen to that calling plan?

The 200 Minutes to Poland calling plan will be removed along with TV Polonia subscription. You may opt-in to get a similar Shaw phone service, like the 1000 Minutes International Long Distance Add-on