Shaw will be performing an update to all Gateway set-top boxes. The purpose of this update release is to address feedback surrounding the Guide genre colouring from a previous update. This update will take place automatically between May 4, 2019 and June 5, 2019. See below for more details on the changes and what to expect.


What to expect

New features and benefits



What to expect

Your Gateway set-top box will automatically download and install the update overnight. If you're watching TV at this time, you'll see the following message: "Updates are available. You must restart the [device] for the updates to take effect. Restart now or later?"


  • If you choose later, it will delay for 2 hours.
  • If you choose now or the prompt is not acknowledged, the Gateway will proceed with the update.
  • If a recording is in progress, the reset will take place once it's finished.


How do I know if my TV system will receive the update?

All of our Gateway set-top boxes will receive this update to the user interface. This includes the following hardware models:


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New features and benefits


Guide genre colouring update

We've enhanced the Guide colouring to make it easier to see at a glance. This has been changed as a result of user feedback following a previous update.


Current Look New Look
Current Gateway Guide Colours New Gateway Guide Colours


Sports Recording Extensions

When setting a recording for live sporting events, you will be asked to extend the recording in case it runs longer than the Guide has scheduled.


Gateway Sports Recording Extensions


Binge Watching

When playback of a recording has ended, new options of “Keep and Play Next” and “Delete and Play Next” are now shown when the next episode is in your PVR List.


Gateway Binge Watching


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