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On November 1, 2018, both The Movie Network and Crave TV are rebranding to Crave, providing our customers with two package options:

  • Crave + Movies + HBO or,
  • Crave


Customers subscribed to The Movie Network will have even more HD content to watch with Crave + Movies + HBO as the package will now include Crave originals like Letterkenny, previous seasons of Showtime series and hit TV series like The Big Bang Theory. Customers with TMN who already subscribe to Crave through Shaw will be automatically adjusted and will no longer be charged separately for Crave (formerly Crave TV).


On December 1, 2018, some customers will see an adjustment to their monthly rate depending on their current TV subscription. Customers were notified of the December 1, 2018, rate adjustment as early as October 1, 2018.


Crave will be the only place to get the biggest Hollywood movies and exclusive access to HBO, Showtime, and Crave Original series. Choose how and when you watch with 4 channels at your fingertips, On Demand on your set-top box and FreeRange TV,, and the new Crave app.




Key Dates

  • October 1 - November 30, 2018
    • Customers will be notified of a price adjustment to Crave or TMN based on their current TV subscription through their monthly invoice.


  • November 1. 2018
    • The Movie Network (TMN) becomes Crave + Movies + HBO
    • Existing TMN subscribers will automatically receive access to Crave.
      • Note: It may take a few days to receive access to all of the new content
    • For customers who subscribe to both TMN and Crave, Crave will become part of the Crave + Movies + HBO (fortmerly TMN) product and Crave will automatically be removed from their account.
      • It is important to note that any subscriptions to Crave that are not through Shaw will not be cancelled automatically.
    • For customers who subscribe to Crave (formerly CraveTV) only, they will continue to enjoy access to the same content they receive today.
      • To receive the channels on the set-top box, you will need to subscribe to Crave + Movies + HBO
    • Crave VOD content will become available through the set-top box for all Cable customers; BlueSky TV, and Legacy.
      • All content will continue to be available on demand on FreeRange TV.
    • The TMN Go app,,, and are no longer available. Subscribers can visit and download the Crave app to access all content.
      • Note: Customers who already have the Crave app downloaded may need to update it, if their settings do not allow for automatic app updates


  • December 1, 2018
    • Rate adjustment take effect for applicable subscribers as noted in their previous month's invoice.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is changing with The Movie Network and HBO?

  • The Movie Network is now Crave! On November 1, your subscription to Crave + Movies + HBO (formerly TMN) will include Crave and will include Crave Originals like Letterkenny, previous seasons of Showtime and hit TV series like The Big Bang Theory.


By how much are the rates changing?

  • TMN and Crave are both increasing by $2 on December 1, 2018.


What will happen to a customer’s bill if they subscribe to both TMN and Crave?

  • Customers who subscribe to both services will see a $3.99 decrease as they will be automatically adjusted so they are no longer charged separate for Crave.


Why do I see Crave + Movies + HBO & Encore on my bill?

  • TMN subscribers prior to November 1, 2018,  will continue to receive access to Encore. New Crave + Movies + HBO subscribers will not receive Encore as part of their package and may add it on if they choose.


What is Crave?

  • With Crave you will get exclusive access to Crave Originals, Showtime series, select HBO library series and more. Stream using the new Crave website and app or watch On Demand on the set-top box or FreeRange TV.


What is Crave + Movies + HBO?

  • With Crave + Movies + HBO, enjoy exclusive access to the most captivating movies, must-see HBO and Showtime series, and groundbreaking Crave Originals. Plus, you can choose how and when you watch with 4 live channels at your fingertips, On Demand via your set-top box and FreeRange TV, and using the Crave website and apps.

Why should customers subscribe to Crave through Shaw?

  • Even at the new rate, customers will still receive a $2 discount for subscribing to Crave through Shaw. Customers will also see just one bill, have all their content in one place, and gain access to Crave's on-demand library on the set-top box and through FreeRange TV. New customers will continue to receive their first month free.