BlueCurve TV Kids ZoneLearn how to access and navigate your Kids Zone preferences in BlueCurve TV. Kids Zone is a feature that offers a safe environment for children to browse and watch live TV, Shaw On Demand content and PVR recordings that are appropriate for kids ages 12 and under.

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Did You Know

The quickest way to access Kids Zone is pressing the Microphone Button on your BlueCurve TV Remote and saying "Kids Zone".

Kids Zone settings

Most of the Kids Zone preferences and settings in BlueCurve TV can be easily toggled on or off via the Kids Zone settings menu. Once in the Kids Zone menu, you can use the up arrow or down arrow buttons to highlight the settings you wish to activate or deactivate. Settings include:

  • User Parental Control PIN
  • Restrict Content by Age Range
  • Allow Ability to Set Recordings
  • Play the Next Episode
  • Common Sense Media Ratings and Reviews

    Kids Zone Settings

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Did You Know

You can also browse to Kids Zone using the BlueCurve TV Guide by going to: Settings > Preferences > General > Kids Zone.



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Restricting Content by Age Range

With BlueCurve TV you can use Kids Zone to restrict content by age.

  1. After accessing Kids Zone, highlight the Settings wheel icon in the top left corner, and press the OK button on your remote. 

    Kids Zone
  2. Use the arrow buttons on your remote to highlight Restrict Content by Age Range, and press OK

    Kids Zone > Restrict Content by Age Range option
  3. Highlight an age range, such as Age 8-9, and press OK.

    Age 8-9 Kids Zone
  4. If successful, the accompanying lock indicator will turn blue.

    Locked Age 8-9


Did You Know

The BlueCurve TV PVR will record the program regardless of the Parental Control settings. However, if a recorded program has a Parental Control lock, you will not be able to see or hear it without first entering your Locks PIN.


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