With BlueCurve TV you have access to the most intelligent search functionality on a digital cable box. Find your content easier with a smarter search experience. New program discovery and recommendations functionality will make your TV experience more efficient than ever before!


Did You Know

BlueCurve TV features a Voice Remote where you can use voice commands to search, discover and access your content.

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Smarter Guide Search

The BlueCurve TV Guide search functionality is more robust than traditional TV guides.  With predictive search patterns and quicker search functionality, you will be able to easily and quickly find your live TV programs, On Demand Content and PVR recorded shows.

Predictive Search Patterns

Intelligent searching on a digital box? You got it. Not only does it predict what you're typing using the remote, but it also remembers your viewing history and takes note of the time of day you're conducting the search.  What makes this search feature more intelligent?  For one, the new Smart Search allows you to search and find content across multiple viewing experiences:

  • Live TV
  • Shaw On Demand
  • PVR

In addition, the BlueCurve TV search feature predicts what you’re looking for so you can get instant results with less typing.

BlueCurve Predictive Search


Faster Search from the Main Menu

With BlueCurve TV you can search directly from the Main Menu.  Press the MENU key on the remote and navigate to Search. From here, you can use the on-screen letters to type in what you're looking for, or start pressing the keys on your remote that correspond to what you want to type.

BlueCurve faster search


Search While Browsing the Guide

While browsing the BlueCurve TV guide, you can also quickly search for a channel number, program title, sports team or network name, simply by beginning to type with the remote. The same predictive searching method described above can also be used in this view.


BlueCurve Search on the Guide


Press OK on a channel search result to go to that channel's guide location.

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Program discovery is easy with the BlueCurve TV Guide.  Need quick access to watch a different episode of a program that you recently watched?  Try using the Last Watched Experience to quickly access your favourite shows based on your viewing activity.


Last Watched Feature


The BlueCurve TV Guide has an innovative "Last Watched" feature that not only allows you to jump back and forth between channels, but actually displays active information about the last nine channels, recordings, or On Demand programs that were viewed.

  • While watching live TV, press the LAST key on your remote to access the Last Watched screen
  • Use the left and right arrows to navigate, press OK to select a program



To clear the Last Watched Screen:

  • Press the LAST key on the remote
  • Use the left arrow or right arrow buttons on the remote to highlight a channel or program and press the D button to clear it

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In support of those who enjoy binge-watching of their favourite programs, the BlueCurve Guide will automatically ask if you'd like to play the next episode of a series. You will be presented with various different ways to watch the next episode, including:

  • On Demand content
  • Recorded content on your PVR
  • Upcoming scheduled episodes on TV
  • Crave content (subscription required for playback)


Play the Next Episode


“People Also Watched”

If you require additional suggestions, you’ll appreciate the “People Also Watched” feature which presents you with additional programs to check out.   Related content is displayed under "People Also Watched" in various parts of the BlueCurve TV Guide. When you open a program information screen, the system will suggest content to you based on its relation to the title you're viewing. These recommendations are available in Shaw on Demand and in Guide information screens.

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