Overview of the BlueSky TV hardware components which consists of the BlueSky TV cable box and the BlueSky TV Portal used to deliver the BlueSky TV experience. BlueSky TV combines customized apps, social media features, and traditional video services to deliver a personalized and dynamic TV entertainment experience. With the built-in Apps such as the BlueSky TV Sports App, you can turn your TV into a scoreboard with real-time scores and stats. Learn more about BlueSky TV with this video overview:

Video Tutorial: Getting Started with BlueSky TV

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This article provides an introduction to the BlueSky TV box and the BlueSky TV Portal hardware that make up the cable box (also known as a set-top box) ecosystem for BlueSky TV. 


Did You Know?

You can connect up to three BlueSky TV boxes allowing you to have up to 12 simultaneous recordings. With a combined total of 1.5TB of storage space you'll never have to worry about having enough space to record your favorite shows. 


BlueSky TV Cable Box

Acting as the Personal Video Recorder (PVR) of BlueSky TV ecosystem, the BlueSky TV cable box acts as a standalone PVR and as a way for portals to communicate with the system. Three boxes can be installed in a home to increase both the available tuners and storage space.


BlueSky TV 4K boxBlueSky TV 4K box


BlueSky TV Hardware

BlueSky TV box 


Features of the BlueSky TV Cable Box

Some of the features included with the BlueSky TV Cable Box include:

  • Up to 3 BlueSky TV boxes may be networked together in one home with up to 3 portals attached to each
    • 12 simultaneous recordings
    • Total of 1.5TB storage space (shared)
    • 12 TV maximum
  • BlueSky TV User Interface
  • Aim Anywhere Technology – your BlueSky TV cable box can be completely hidden from sight and remote commands will still register.

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BlueSky TV Portal

The second piece of BlueSky TV hardware is the portal. A portal is a device that allows you to share recordings with any TV in your home. The BlueSky TV portal is the base portal that connects Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) to the BlueSky TV class of PVRs. Small, compact and designed for the BlueSky TV cable box ecosystem. The BlueSky TV Portal is a receiver which connects to and shares content with the BlueSky TV cable box. This allows access to recorded shows, favourites, and more from any TV in the home. A portal is required for each additional TV, with a maximum of three connected to one BlueSky TV box.

Features of the BlueSky TV Portal

  • BlueSky TV User Interface
  • Reduced Size
  • HDMI (preferred)
  • Coaxial (for a basic 480i signal)
  • Aim Anywhere – your BlueSky TV portal can be completely hidden from sight and remote commands will still register.


BlueSky TV Portal

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