Learn how to disable parental controls on your BlueSky TV box or portal using the My Shaw website. This can be useful if you've forgotten your PIN and are unable to reset it using the BlueSky TV menu.


Did You Know


Parental control settings are unique to each digital box in the home. Disabling parental controls via My Shaw will also disable your Purchase PIN on the BlueSky TV box in which you are disabling parental controls on.

Disabling parental controls using My Shaw

To disable parental controls using My Shaw:

  1. Log in to My Shaw at https://my.shaw.ca.
  2. Choose My Services > TV from the menu at the top.

    TV Services


  3. Scroll down to the Manage My BlueSky TV Devices section.
  4. Select Edit beside the digital box for which you'd like to disable parental controls. 

    Manage BlueSky TV Devices


  5. Options to reset all Parental Controls or your Purchase PIN will be displayed. 

    Reset Parental Controls


  6. Beside the Parental Controls option select Reset.
  7. A confirmation prompt will be displayed. 

    Confirmation Prompt


  8. Select Yes to confirm your selection. 
  9. A green banner will appear indicating that you've successfully disabled parental controls. 

    Success Banner

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