Looking for information about your TV box's energy efficiency? You can find data on the energy use of current and older models dating back as far as 2017 in the Cable Labs report.

For more information about our commitment to energy efficiency, check out the Canadian Energy Efficiency Voluntary Agreement (CEEVA) website.

Energy consumption comparison

How much power does your TV box use? On the Cable Labs page, you'll find a full list of information like the stats in this table about all the TV boxes that have been available through Rogers and Shaw since 2017.

Model number Make Model name TV box features Mode: TV On (W) Mode: Sleep (W) Total energy consumption (kWh/yr)
XiOne SCXI11BEI Sercomm Ignite Entertainment Box (XiOne) HD, HNI, W-HNI, MIMO-2.4, MIMO-5, HEVP, UHD-4 3.82 2.16 30
Xi6 TX061AEI Technicolor Ignite Entertainment Box (Xi6) AVP, HD, HNI, W-HNI, MIMO-2.4, MIMO-5, HEVP 3.86 2.85 40
Xi6 AX061AEI Arris Ignite Entertainment Box (Xi6) AVP, HD, HNI, W-HNI, MIMO-2.4, MIMO-5, HEVP  3.99 3.01 40
XG1v4-A AX014ANM Arris 4K TV Player (XG1v4) (PVR) AVP, DVR, D, HD, MR, MS, HEVP 15.93 14.00 140
XG1V3/1580/0533/0500 Arris Gateway HDPVR AVP, CC, DVR, D, HD, MR, MS 19.77 19.57 180
For energy efficiency data on other TV boxes, as well as a glossary of acronyms and terms for TV box features, check out the full list of models (external site).
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