Learn how to edit and change the program guide settings in the Shaw High Definition (HD) Guide. You are able to modify your browsing experience with the Shaw High Definition Guide by adjusting specific settings to match your personal preferences. You may wish to do this if you would like to modify the size or transparency of the guide, or if you would like to change which style of the guide is displayed by default when accessed from your remote.

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How to access the Guide Settings

To access the Guide Settings on your HD Guide Digital Box simply:

  1. Press the MENU button on your Shaw Remote
  2. Choose the Settings icon from the menu that appears
  3. Select the Guide option from the list of available settings

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How to change Grid Settings

The Grid Settings option allows you to change the size of the font, and the transparency of the guide. For individuals who have difficulty seeing the guide, it is best to increase the font size to Large and set the transparency to 0%. Choosing a high level of transparency will allow the image of the current channel to be viewed behind the guide information, as seen in the images below.
To change these settings simply:

  1. Access the Guide Settings menu (steps at top of page)
  2. Navigate to Grid Settings
  3. Select the preferred option by using the ARROW keysLeft and Right Arrows on your Shaw Remote
  4. Hit the OK button on the remote to confirm your choice


Example: 0% TransparencyExample: 70% Transparency
HD Guide transparency options - 0% TransparencyHD Guide transparency options - 70% Transparency

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How to change the Guide View

The Guide Views option allows you to choose what version of the guide will appear by default when you press the GUIDE button on your Shaw Remote. There are two guide formats available; the Full-Screen Guide and the Traditional Guide. By default, when you push the guide button once you will bring up the Full-Screen Guide and pushing it a second time will bring up the Traditional Guide.
If you would like to change the default order in which the guides appear simply:

  1. Access the Guide Settings menu
  2. Navigate to Guide Views
  3. Find the options labelled First Press, Second Press, and Third Press
  4. Move the sliders to match  your preferred order


Full Screen GuideTraditional Guide
HD Guide Full Screen GuideHD Guide Traditional Guide

Click image for larger view


See: High Definition Guide - Guide View Information for more information on Guide Views

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