We are currently in the process of completing network upgrades in a number of remote Shaw Cable regions (regions listed by province below). These regions will be directly impacted by upgrades taking place with our Satellite delivered services (Shaw Direct) because unlike the majority of Shaw Cable regions, these remote regions actually receive their Video services via Satellite delivery. As a result, between April – October 2019 we will be upgrading most Standard Definition (SD) channels to High Definition (HD). All customers in these select regions will require a MPEG-4 compatible digital box to be able to view the upgraded HD channels (examples of MPEG-4 digital boxes – Pace SummitDCX3200 or DCX3400).


Most customers already have MPEG-4 compatible digital boxes connected to their TV’s so these customers will not be required to make any equipment changes in order to receive the newly converted HD channels. However, for any customers who are still actively using non-compatible digital boxes, Shaw will proactively contact you to discuss upgrade options.


**PVR NOTE – ‘Scheduled’ PVR Recordings on SD channels will be impacted. If you have series or individual PVR recordings scheduled to record on a current SD channel, those recordings will need to be reset once the channel has been converted to HD.


For a complete summary of which channels are impacted and when these changes are taking effect, please click on the link below for your region:


British Columbia









Customer Experience

As our team works on completing the coming network upgrades, there is the expectation that a few channels will go offline temporarily and return shortly after the update is complete on their scheduled dates. As we are upgrading your channels on their scheduled dates, you may see a message on the channel that states either "One Moment Please" or "Not Authorized". See below for details.


One Moment Please Message

If you see this message on your Set Top Box (STB), it is because our team is actively working on upgrading the channel. We anticipate all upgrades should be completed by 12 PM MST on each scheduled date. If you are still seeing a "One Moment Please" message after this time, please contact us via chat.


One Moment Please message



Not Authorized Message

This message could appear on your Set Top Box (STB) in one of two possible scenarios:

  1. This channel is not part of your current packaging
  2. This channel is part of your current packaging but isn't working
    • We anticipate this to be rare, however, if you are subscribed and are not receiving the channel, please contact us via chat.


Not Authorized message


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