About BlueCurve Kids Zone. Kids Zone is a BlueCurve TV feature that offers a safe environment for children to browse and watch live TV, On Demand content and PVR recordings that are appropriate for kids ages 12 and under.

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Did You Know

The quickest way to access Kids Zone is pressing the Microphone Buttonbutton on your BlueCurve TV Remote and saying "Kids Zone".

How to access Kids Zone

Kids Zone offers parents added peace of mind that their children are interacting with TV in a safe and secure environment. Kids can navigate age-appropriate live TV programming, plus free kids-focused Shaw On Demand programs and PVR recordings. Feature of BlueCurve TV Kids Zone include:

  • Programs rated for kids under 12 years of age appear in Kids Zone
  • Programming for older kids can be filtered out by parents to cater to individual age ranges
  • Parents can set controls so that a PIN must be entered to exit the Kids Zone view
  • Paid rentals and other transactions are automatically restricted in this view

Follow these steps to access the Kids Zone on your BlueCurve TV digital box. 

  1. Press the Shaw button on your remote.
  2. Use the right arrow button to select On Demand. Press OK.
  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight Kids. Press OK.

    Vod Kids
  4. Highlight the KIDSZONE tile and press OK.
  5. Browse all available programming for kids ages 12 and under. Highlight a program and press OK.
  6. Press the Exit or Last button on your remote control to exit the program. To exit Kids Zone you must select Exit on the screen and if a parental PIN is enabled, you will be required to enter it to exit Kids Zone. 

    BlueCurve Exit Kids Zone

Learn more about KidsZone with this video guide.


Did You Know

All Kids Zone menus include a blue background that you can easily recognize. Kids Zone is also accessible through a notification when tuning to regular kids programming and is searchable via voice commands using the voice remote from BlueCurve TV.          

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How to use Kids Zone

This section provides an overview of the search functionality from within Kids Zone and how to exit Kids Zone.

Searching Kids Zone

Children can safely browse Kids Zone using the Kids Zone Search function. In order to search within the Kids Zone:

  1. Enter corresponding letters to the keys on the remote for a TV series, movie or channel.
  2. Use the down or up arrow buttons to select a program.
  3. Select a program and Press OK.

search kids zone

Exiting Kids Zone

  1. To exit Kids Zone, highlight Exit in the top left corner using your BlueCurve TV remote, and press the OK

    Exit Kids Zone

  2. The highlight Exit and press OK. If a parental PIN is enabled, you will be prompted to enter your Parental Control Pin.

    BlueCurve Exit Kids Zone                  

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