Learn how to access the BlueCurve Help Menu that can be used to restart your device, set up your remote control and find other tips and tricks for using your BlueCurve TV Player (XG1v3).


How to access the BlueCurve TV Help Menu

If you require some assistance with your BlueCurve TV trouble shooting, you can access the Help Menu.


  1. Press the A button on the BlueCurve TV remote control or choose the Help options from the Settings menu.

    Help Menu
  2. Select one of the following options:
     BlueCurve TV > Help > Troubleshooting
    • Restart – the option to reboot your BlueCurve TV Player (XG1v3)
    • Remote Setup – options for controlling the power and volume on your TV
    • Tips and Tricks – for using the BlueCurve TV on-screen guide. With Tips and Tricks you can explore new features, shortcuts and tips for using your BlueCurve TV guide.
  3. Press OK once you have selected one of the three options.

Tips & Tricks Options


After clicking Tips & Tricks, the following BlueCurve TV tips are available:


  • Extend Recording Time
  • Dim your set-top box lights
  • Customize your recording options
  • Adjust menu backgrounds
  • Customized browsing
  • Read full program descriptions
  • Watch video while browsing
  • Filter by favorites and more
  • Quick search
  • Quickly delete programs
  • Auto extend recordings
  • Secondary Audio Programming
  • Kids Zone!
  • Choose your favourites
  • Manage series recordings
  • Find appropriate kids shoes
  • Language indicators
  • See upcoming air times
  • Accessibility options

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