Learn how to enable auto-tune on your Classic Guide Digital Box. Your Digital Box has the option to automatically tune to a channel after you press just one or two digits. For example, pressing "4" or "34" will tune to those channels after a few seconds, instead of requiring you to enter three digits, such as "004" or "034" to do so. If you currently need to enter all three numbers to change to that channel, then auto-tune is disabled on your Digital Box.



Classic Guide: How to enable Auto-Tune on your Digital Box

Follow these steps to auto-tune your Classic Guide Digital Box:

  1. Press the MENU key twice
  2. Press the DOWN Arrow key and select the Setup option
  3. Select Guide Setup
  4. Press the DOWN Arrow key and select the line stating “channel entry behaviour – No Auto Tune
  5. Press the LEFT Arrow key once – the text should now say “Auto Tune”



You will need to perform this "auto-tune" on each Digital Box in your home that is experiencing the above issue.


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