Free Games by Play.Works is a collection of free games available on your BlueCurve TV set-top box. You can quickly launch and play over 50 games by Play.Works with your BlueCurve TV voice remote—no additional subscription required. Offering a wide variety of games for any age group, there's endless fun to be had with Free Games by Play.Works!

What's included

Free Games by Play.Works offers over 50 free games to play using your BlueCurve TV remote as a controller. Some of the games included are:

Popular games:

  • WPT, Neon Rider, Solitaire Classic, Doodle Jump, Tetris, Crossy Road, Pool Club, Text Twist, Tomb Runner, Pink Panther Time Traveler

Holiday games:

  • Santa's Maze, Doodle Jump Xmas, Santa's Quest

Game categories:

  • Hyper Casual/Runner, Puzzle/Word Game, Trivia/Educational, Cards/Board Games, Action/Sports



Learn more: Visit for a full list of Free Games by Play.Works and more information about each game.

Note: Not all games listed on the Play.Works website are included with the Play.Works app on BlueCurve TV.

How to access

The easiest way to access Free Games by Play.Works is by saying "Free Games by Play Works" into your BlueCurve TV voice remote.

Alternatively, you can launch Play.Works from the Apps menu:

  1. Press the Shaw button on your remote control.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Scroll down to the Games section.
  4. Scroll to the right and select Free Games by Play.Works.

How to navigate and control games

Use the OK, LAST, and ARROW buttons on your BlueCurve TV remote to navigate and control games on Play.Works.

Menu options available in the app include:

  • Help & Support (question mark icon): Terms and conditions, privacy policy, and technical support
  • Language: English and French options available
  • Exit: Go back to the BlueCurve TV menu

Battery Warning: The more you play games, the more frequently the batteries will need to be changed in your BlueCurve TV remote!

Frequently asked questions

Are there minimum download and upload speed requirements for using Play.Works?

  • No. there is no minimum download or upload speed required to play Free Games by Play.Works.

Does using the Play.Works app count toward my Internet usage?

  • Yes. Interactive games and video in the Play.Works app will count toward your monthly Internet data usage.

Can I turn off or skip ads?

  • No. Being that Play.Works is a free app, games will have ad content that must be watched before the game loads.

Why does the Play.Works website show games that are not available on the BlueCurve TV Play.Works app?

  • Play.Works is a worldwide content distributor. Not all Play.Works games and content will be available for Canadian users or Shaw customers. For more details on games, visit

Troubleshooting and support

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