With Shaw BlueCurve TV, you can access the Toober app in seconds with your voice remote and TV set-top box. Toober offers an amazing amount of multicultural content across 70+ unique channels and 20+ languages.



To access and watch Toober content on BlueCurve TV, it is required to have:

BlueCurve TV

Shaw Internet service

  • Browse our Internet plans at shaw.ca/internet.
  • Note: Watching Toober content on BlueCurve TV counts toward your monthly Internet data usage.

Access the Toober app on BlueCurve TV

You can launch the Toober app on BlueCurve TV with your voice remote, or from the Apps menu.

Voice remote

  • Say "Toober" into your BlueCurve TV voice remote to open the Toober app.

Apps menu

  • Press the Shaw button on your remote, select Apps, select Featured, then Toober.

Toober account and subscription

For more information on Toober accounts and billing, visit the Toober website.

Signing up via the Toober app on BlueCurve TV

  1. Access the Toober app on BlueCurve TV.
  2. Scan the on-screen QR Code using your mobile device to visit the Toober website.
  3. Use the on-screen code to register for Toober and link your BlueCurve TV.
  4. Select Back to return to the main menu.


If you're having trouble using Toober on BlueCurve TV, read the following support article for troubleshooting tips:

Troubleshooting: Streaming apps on BlueCurve TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Toober subscription appear on my Shaw invoice?

No. Your subscription to Toober is managed and billed directly to your personal Toober account. This subscription is not integrated with your Shaw account or Shaw invoice in any way.

What channels and languages are available through Toober?

For a complete list of channels and languages available via Toober, see Toober.com/channels.

How do I manage my Toober subscription and payment method?

You can manage your subscription, payment method, and much more by signing into your account directly through the Toober website.

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