XITE (pronounced "excite") is video streaming service with an extensive catalog of music videos and best-in-class user interface for music video consumption on the TV. With XITE you can access the most comprehensive music video library on the planet, keep up with the latest music video trends, set the scene for home parties with non-stop music videos and more.

What's Included

Catalogue of music videos

  • Full catalogue of music videos from artists across all major and top independent labels from today's most popular and trending artist to rising talent. 

Diverse and regularly refreshed channels

  • Watch over 100 diverse and regularly refreshed channels focusing on a range of genres, decades, moods, themes, and season events. 

Create your own playlist

  • Add any of your favorites to a playlist to keep the music flowing.

Like and skip videos

  • Like and skip videos (limited to 6 skips per channel per hour with the free service).
  • Or sign-up for XITE premium online (not on-screen)

How to access

  1. Visit the XITE website and click Sign Up
  2. Complete the sign up process by filling out the required information
  3. Navigate to the in-app Settings and click Log in to your account
  4. Follow on-screen instructions


Access to the XITE app is available free to all BlueCurve TV subscribers. A premium XITE subscription is available directly through the XITE website. A full list of XITE features can be found here.

Navigating the app

Once logged into the app there are a number of options available to customize your experience.

  1. Selecting the play icon will bring you to the main menu
    • This will show a list of music genres you can jump into immediately
  2. Selecting the heart icon will bring you to your favourites
    • It will also allow you to play your favourites playlist
  3. Selecting the mixer (sliders icon) allows you to create a mixed playlist
    • You have the option of combining genres, decades, and video aesthetic (animated, black & white, etc.)
  4. Select search (magnifying glass icon) to search by song title or artist
  5. Select settings (gear icon) to log in to the app


For assistance with troubleshooting BlueCurve TV streaming apps see Troubleshooting: Streaming apps on BlueCurve TV. For any challenges with your XITE account or with the videos within the app please see XITE Help.

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