The Zone-ify app is included with BlueCurve TV and you can launch it from your TV set-top box. Zone-ify delivers thousands of online programs not available with traditional TV channels through a curated app experience. You can pick from 12 different channel genres to discover content you may not have seen before. The My Zone channel tailors content based on your watch history.


What's included

My Zone

  • Personalized content based on your watch history.
  • The more you watch the better your recommendations will be!


  • Create up to five unique user profiles per TV so more than one user can have customized content.
  • Profiles are tied to the TV box they're created on and won't show up on other TVs.


  • Search within the app by keyword or description to find content you'll enjoy.
  • You can also search brand names such as Car and Driver or Watch Mojo for results related to that brand.

Themed channels

  • Access to 12 themed channels including content from various genres.
  • Each channel consists of StoriesVideos, and Brands.
    • Stories are video collections or series related to the selected channel.
    • Videos are individual videos related to the selected channel.
    • Brands are videos produced by the same organization or outfit for the selected theme (for example, Car and Driver)

Learn more: For a full list of channels and content check out

How to access

The easiest way to access Zone-ify is by saying "Zone-ify" into your BlueCurve TV voice remote.

Alternatively, you can launch Zone-ify from the Apps menu:

  1. Press the Shaw button on your remote control.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Scroll down to the Entertainment section.
  4. Scroll to the right and select Zone-ify.

Navigating the app

Follow the simple steps below to learn how to navigate the Zone-ify app:

  1. Open the Zone-ify app.
  2. The Zone-ify home screen shows different options (All Channel, My Zone, Search, and Profiles). Select an option to browse.
  3. Use the arrow buttons to select your desired option and then OK to select it.
    • Once playback has started you can resume from where you left off on the most recent video.

Creating a profile

For a more personalized experience it is recommended that you create a user profile.

  1. Open the Zone-ify app.
  2. Select the profile option in the lower left corner and press OK.
  3. Select Create New and press OK.
    • This profile will be unique to this cable box and will not appear on any other cable box within the home.
  4. Switch between profiles.
    • This section will also allow you to switch between profiles (maximum of five per cable box).


For assistance with troubleshooting BlueCurve TV streaming apps see Troubleshooting: Streaming apps on BlueCurve TV. For any challenges with Zone-ify features or content please contact Zone TV.

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