If you're receiving error XRE-00002 on BlueCurve TV, this is likely caused by an account issue. Please contact us via online chat or phone (1-888-472-2222) and we'll get you back up and running.


For additional tips for troubleshooting common BlueCurve TV errors, visit Troubleshooting common BlueCurve TV error codes.



Error message

On-screen message

"Unable to connect to BlueCurve TV Please ensure the cables are tightly secured and unplug set-top box from electrical outlet. Wait 10 seconds, then plug back in to restart. XRE-00002."



This error occurs when something is not correct with your Shaw account.

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Troubleshooting tips

Please contact us via online chat or phone (1-888-472-2222) and we'll get you back up and running.

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