Learn how to troubleshoot error XRE-08004 on BlueSky TV. This article provides insight into some basic troubleshooting tips to fix error code XRE-08004 on BlueSky TV. Find additional TV troubleshooting tips for BlueSky TV for these common error codes



Error message

On-screen message

"Cool Down Warning. Your TV Box needs to cool down. Please clear space around the TV Box for better ventilation. If the temperature continues to rise, your TV Box will automatically go into standby mode. XRE-08004."



This error occurs when something is causing your BlueSky TV box to get too hot.

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Troubleshooting tips
  1. Relocate or reposition your BlueSky TV box.
  2. Ensure that your BlueSky TV box is not covered and has adequate air flow on all sides.
  3. If the TV box does not return to acceptable operating temperature ranges within 10 minutes, it will automatically enter a deep sleep mode.
    • The TV box can be woken up from its deep sleep mode by pressing any button on the remote.
    • If the box has returned to normal operating temperatures when woken from deep sleep, you will be presented with a restoration message.
  4. Your BlueSky TV box will cool by approximately 1°C every minute while powered off or in its deep sleep state.
  5. If the error still occurs, speak with a Shaw support representative.

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