Learn how to use Parental Controls for Netflix on BlueSky TVBelow you will find out how to set restrictions to control the content presented by the Netflix app on BlueSky TV.


Parental Control options for Netflix on BlueSky TV
  1. You can control access to certain maturity levels of Netflix content for the Netflix app on BlueSky TV by going to Netflix.com/youraccount.
    • Visit Netflix help for more information on setting Parental Controls on your Netflix account
  2. BlueSky TV Parental Controls can be used a couple of ways to restrict Netflix content:
    1. Application Lock
      • If enabled for Netflix, Application Lock will prompt for a PIN, regardless of content rating, every time the app is launched or a Netflix title is chosen from BlueSky TV.
    2. TV Ratings Lock
      • This will restrict Netflix content on BlueSky TV based on rating
      • If you have it set to 18+, Application Lock will also be enabled and will prompt for a PIN regardless of rating.


For more information on setting up Parental Controls for BlueSky TV, see Parental Controls overview on BlueSky TV.

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