Learn how to use the BlueSky TV remote with Netflix. Many buttons on the remote have unique functions within the Netflix app environment, and some are disabled. See the image below for an overview of how each button on the BlueSky TV remote works while using the Netflix app.


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While you can use voice commands to find and watch Netflix titles from the BlueSky TV interface, the voice feature and microphone key do not work within the Netflix app.



BlueSky TV remote commands in Netflix
BlueSky TV Voice Remote Control Guide for using Netflix
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From within the Netflix app, the following commands will work on your BlueSky TV remote:

  • Rewind / Fast Forward:
    • From the Netflix menu: long scroll (skip 4 list items)
    • During playback: press multiple times to increase rewind or fast forward speed up to 3x
  • Play / Pause:
    • From the Netflix menu: play the selected title with one press
    • During playback: pause or resume playback
  • EXIT: Exit Netflix and return you to your last location in BlueSky TV
  • Guide: Exit Netflix and open BlueSky TV Guide
  • Shaw: Exit Netflix and open BlueSky TV Main Menu
  • Last:
    • From the main Netflix menu: opens options (Search, Categories, Profiles, Kids, Account / Sign Out, Exit)
    • Otherwise: go to last viewed screen or menu
  • OK:
    • From the Netflix menu: select the highlighted item
    • During playback: pause or resume playback
  • Arrows:
    • From the Netflix menu: used for navigation
    • During playback:
      • Left/Right will skip 10 seconds forward or back
      • Up/Down will open playback controls
      • Press up a second time to access more options including subtitles (Closed Captions)

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