The Weather Network app is included with BlueCurve TV and can be launched with your voice remote. Use the Weather Network app to access an enhanced weather screen showing current, 36-hour, and 14 day forecasts. Check your local weather or find forecasts other locations worldwide.

What's included

Provides local weather forecasts

  • Get a personalized weather experience

In-app library of featured video content

  • Find news and weather related video content

Multilingual user interface

  • Languages include English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese

In-app search

  • Allows you to check weather forecasts worldwide


How to access

You can launch the Weather Network app on BlueCurve TV with your voice remote, or from the Apps menu.

Voice remote

  • Say "The Weather Network app" into your BlueCurve TV voice remote to open the Weather Network app.
Note: If you do not include "app" in your voice command, the system will instead tune to The Weather Network channel.


Apps menu

  1. Press the SHAW button on your remote control.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Scroll down to the Daily Life section.
  4. Select The Weather Network from the list.


Navigating the app

Follow the simple steps below to learn how to navigate The Weather Network app:

  1. Open the Weather Network app.
  2. The Weather Network home screen is shown.
  3. Press the LEFT arrow on your remote and select an option to browse Live TV, Videos, Weather, or Photos.
  4. Select Search to find your preferred weather location.
  5. Select Exit to close the app.


Searching locations

The Weather Network allows you to search additional locations aside from your own.

  1. Open the Weather Network app.
  2. Press the LEFT arrow on your BlueCurve TV remote. 
  3. Select Search from the menu.
  4. Enter the location you'd like to see displayed in the app.
    • Selecting the location will add it to your Saved Locations.
  5. Change the default location by moving the saved locations up or down with the on-screen arrows
    • You can remove a saved location by selecting the X button next to it on-screen.



For assistance with troubleshooting BlueCurve TV streaming apps see Troubleshooting: Streaming apps on BlueCurve TV. For any challenges with the Weather Network app features or content please visit the Weather Network help page.

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