With Shaw BlueCurve TV, you can access the FITE TV app in seconds with your voice remote and TV set-top box. The FITE app is perfect for combat sports fans, including a huge selection of boxing, wrestling, and MMA content, and more.

FITE includes a library of content that you can browse and watch for free. Optionally, you can subscribe through FITE for access to more content and live events.


To access and watch FITE content on BlueCurve TV, it is required to have:

BlueCurve TV

Shaw Internet service

  • Browse our Internet plans at shaw.ca/internet.
  • Note: Watching FITE content on BlueCurve TV counts toward your monthly Internet data usage.

Access the FITE app on BlueCurve TV

You can launch the FITE app on BlueCurve TV with your voice remote, or from the Apps menu.

Voice remote

  • Say "FITE" into your BlueCurve TV voice remote to open the FITE app.

Apps menu

  • Press the Shaw button on your remote, select Apps, scroll to Sports, then FITE.

FITE account, purchases, & subscriptions

For the best FITE experience, you can login or create an account through FITE to access more content and live events.

Note: All purchases and subscriptions through FITE are managed and billed directly to your FITE account and are not part of your Shaw account or billing.

For more information on FITE accounts and billing, visit the FITE Help Centre website.

Login to the FITE app on BlueCurve TV

  1. Access the FITE app on BlueCurve TV.
  2. Select Sign In.
  3. Select Continue with FITE.
  4. Select Sign in on your TV.
  5. Select Create Account.
  6. Enter your email address and password and select Create Account.
  7. Select your content preferences and click Continue.
  8. Select Back to return to the main menu.

In-app purchases

  • With a FITE account, you have access to in-app purchases including live Pay-Per-View events.
  • This content must be ordered/purchased from the FITE mobile app or website.
  • Once ordered, you can watch it from your BlueCurve TV set-top box.
  • Watch in-app purchases on up to three (3) devices at once that are connected to the same network.

Add-on subscriptions

  • FITE offers several subscriptions that you can purchase as add-ons to your base FITE account.
  • For details on available FITE subscriptions, visit the FITE website.


If you're having trouble using FITE on BlueCurve TV, read the following support article for troubleshooting tips:

Troubleshooting: Streaming apps on BlueCurve TV

Frequently asked questions

Will purchases from FITE appear on my Shaw invoice?

No. All purchases and subscriptions through FITE are managed and billed directly to your FITE account. These purchases are not integrated with your Shaw account or bill in any way.

If an event is ordered from the FITE mobile app, can I watch on my TV or vice versa?

Yes you can. Purchases are synced to your FITE account. Just be sure that you're logged in to the same FITE account on each device.

Can an event be watched on multiple devices at the same time?

Yes, an event can be viewed on up to three (3) devices at the same time. Each device must be connected to the same network (i.e., using the same IP address).

How do I request a refund for a purchased event?

Please visit the FITE Help Centre website for any questions regarding your FITE account, subscriptions, or purchases.

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