Learn how to create a custom name for your BlueSky TV cable box and portal to easily identify each of your BlueSky TV box or portal. This is useful if you have multiple cable boxes in your home, and for troubleshooting situations when there is a need to identify which digital boxes you’re working with.


How to name your BlueSky TV cable box
To name your BlueSky TV box or portal to a user friendly name that you can identify with your specific BlueSky TV box or portal such a specific room name or location, simply follow these instructions.


  1. Using the remote, press the Shaw button.
  2. Highlight Settings (gear icon) and press OK.

    BlueSky TV > Menu > Settings
  3. Highlight Device Settings and press OK.
    BlueSky Device Settings
  4. Use the down arrow button to highlight Device Name. Press OK.

    Device Name BlueSky
  5. Choose a preset name or create a custom name
    • Preset name
      • Choose a name from the list and press OK

        Device Name BlueSky
    • Custom name
      • Choose Custom Name from the top of the list and press OK
      • Create your custom name using the interface on the Create a Custom Name screen.

        BlueSky TV > Creating a Custom Name Screen
      • Highlight Confirm and press OK on your remote when finished.
  6. Press Exit to finish.



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