If you are considering buying used equipment from a source other than a Shaw store or certified vendor you will need to be aware of a few things before making the purchase. This document will guide you through the process so that you can ensure the equipment you purchase can be activated successfully on your account.


Purchasing used Shaw hardware and equipment

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are considering purchasing used Shaw equipment.


  • If you're interested in buying a used Digital Box from another Shaw customer, you will want to obtain its Serial Number before purchase so that a Shaw representative can confirm its availability for transfer. The Serial Number can be found on the back or bottom of the unit.

Need help verifying used hardware before purchase? Connect with a Community Moderator through our TV Forum!


  • Once you have obtained the Serial Number from the Digital Box, you can contact us through chat, phone, email or our community forums. Verifying that the equipment is available for transfer is important so that you can ensure that it hasn't been sold before an easy own hardware agreement has been completed and that the device will work properly in your area.
  • Once confirmed, the owner of the equipment can contact a Shaw representative to release the equipment from their account (if their account is still active) and then you will be able to add it to yours.



BlueCurve TV is Shaw's latest TV hardware. To see a list of all of the various Digital Boxes offered by Shaw, please follow the link below.


Learn More: Shaw Digital Boxes - Equipment Guide


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