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How To: Refresh your TV channels with My Shaw

Using My Shaw, you can refresh your TV channels with the tap of a button. This can fix issues like missing a channel you're subscribed to, or one that's on free preview. Refreshing your channels with My Shaw can be done once a day. Refresh your TV ch... Read more

Premier League is available exclusively on DAZN

DAZN has the exclusive broadcast rights for all 380 Premier League games for each of the three upcoming seasons. Shaw will not be able to provide any content from Premier League. Click here to learn about Premier League on DAZN.Click here for more in... Read more

How to troubleshoot error XRE-00002 on BlueSky TV

If you're receiving error XRE-00002 on BlueSky TV, this is likely caused by an account issue. Please contact us via online chat or phone (1-888-472-2222) and we'll get you back up and running. For additional tips for troubleshooting common BlueSky TV... Read more

HD Network Upgrades 2019

We are currently in the process of completing network upgrades in a number of remote Shaw Cable regions (regions listed by province below). These regions will be directly impacted by upgrades taking place with our Satellite delivered services (Shaw D... Read more

How do I program my BlueSky TV remote control?

Scenario: You want to program your BlueSky TV remote so that you can enable the "aim anywhere" functionality. Quick Answer:After ensuring that your remote control has batteries and that your BlueSky TV box is turned on, you can program your remote us... Read more

How do I reboot my BlueSky TV cable box?

Scenario: You are having issues accessing channels or your Guide in BlueSky TV and need to restart your BlueSky TV cable box. Quick Answer:Ensure that all cables to the BlueSky TV Digital Box are tightly secured. Press and hold the Power button locat... Read more

How do I connect and activate my Shaw HD digital box?

Issue: You have received a Shaw HD Digital box and are looking to connect and activate your HD digital cable box. Quick Answer:Install the equipment with the steps included in your HD Digital Box instructions.Log into My ShawClick the TV option from ... Read more

How to troubleshoot no signal issues on your TV

Scenario: Your TV is not working and you are not able to access any channels or the Guide. You've checked to ensure that your TV and cable box were both plugged in and you have ensured that both your digital box and television are turned on. Quick An... Read more

How to check if a channel is in your TV package

Scenario: You are trying to tune into a channel but are getting a subscription required message when attempting to tune into the channel. The cause is a result of this channel is not part of your current TV package or was previously part of a free pr... Read more

How do I change the input on my TV?

Scenario: You are experiencing issues with your TV and are unable to see the guide. You feel that this could be a result of recently watching Netflix, or a Blu-Ray or DVD on the TV and the Input had been changed.) Quick Answer:Find your TV remote con... Read more

How to fix a "blank" screen on your TV

Scenario: You are experiencing issues with your TV and are unable to see the guide after previously watching a DVD or playing on a video game console such as PS4 or Xbox. Quick Answer:Power on your TV and your Digital Box.Find the remote control that... Read more

How to order a new theme pack via

Scenario: You want to order a new TV theme pack, but do not have a My Shaw account. Quick Answer:You can order a new theme pack by visiting find the theme pack that you wish to order and sel... Read more

How do I troubleshoot an unresponsive digital box?

Scenario: Your cable box is unresponsive and not responding to your remote control. Quick Answer: Troubleshoot your unresponsive digital box by locating and unplugging the power cable. Wait 30 seconds and reconnect the power cable to the digital box.... Read more

How do I get a replacement remote mailed out?

You require a replacement control for your Shaw digital box but are unable to make it to a Shaw retail location. You can contact us to have a replacement control mailed out to you. Prior to contacting us, please identify the type of remote that you h... Read more

How to reseat your cable connection to your digital box

You are experiencing a poor channel signal or the channel is not coming in but was previously available. You feel that the issue is a result of a poor cable connection. You can reseat your cable connection by unplugging the power to your digital box,... Read more

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