Learn how to get information on specific episodes of your favorite TV series as viewed on regular TV or available in On Demand. With the Episode Guide you can watch, record or remind yourself when a particular episode of your favorite program will be airing. New with BlueCurve TV is the Voice Remote which you can use voice commands to find your favourite programs quicker than ever before.


How to use the Episode Guide in BlueCurve TV

Follow these steps to get information on specific episodes of your favourite TV series that are being broadcast or are available On Demand.

  1. Press the Shaw button on your remote control.
  2. Locate the program by browsing the Guide or find your TV show through the Search menu.

    Program in Guide


  3. Use the up, down, left or right arrow buttons on the remote to highlight the program. Then press the Info button on the remote.
  4. Use the right arrow button to highlight Series Info. Then press the OK button on the remote.

    Series Info Button


  5. With Episodes highlighted, press the OK button.

    Episodes Button

  6. The listing of episodes is displayed

    Episode List
    • For programs that you have access to as part of your package you will see an option to Watch the episode(s).
    • For On Demand content, if you have a subscription to it you will have the option to Watch the content, if you do not have a subscription, you will see an option to Subscribe to the content.
    • The list can be filtered to display All episodes, your Recordings, On Demand content, or what's On TV.
  7. To navigate to a specific episode:
    • Use the up arrow and down arrow buttons to highlight the desired season or episode of the series, and press OK.
    • Press the Info button to bring up additional options such as Record, Remind, Other Times and Series info. Press Info again to dismiss the window.
      • If the episode is On Now, choose Watch to tune to that channel
      • If the episode is available On Demand, and is included in your subscription, choose Watch to order it. If not included in your subscription, choose Subscribe for more information.   If the program is on during a different time select Other Times.

        BlueCurve TV > Episode Guide > Other Times
        • To set up a recording for the episode, Press Info, then select Record and press OK.

          BlueCurve Record Option
        • Press Last to navigate to the previous screen.


To display all episodes, repeat these steps and choose the All filter.


Sorting Episodes


You can sort episodes by Most Recent or Oldest First.


  1. Use the down arrow and right arrow buttons to navigate to Sort 
  2. Press OK.
  3. Choose your sorting option, and press OK.

Did You Know


You can filter the episodes to display only those in your Recordings, those available On Demand, or those airing On TV. Use the right arrow button to navigate to Filter and press OK. Choose your filter, and press OK.



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