Find answers to frequently asked questions about YouTube on BlueSky TV. Learn about items such as streaming, troubleshooting and accessibility for the YouTube app on BlueSky TV.



General FAQs
  1. Will streaming YouTube content on BlueSky TV Boxes count towards my monthly Internet data usage?
    • Yes. YouTube is delivered over your Shaw Internet service to your BlueSky TV Box; therefore, YouTube usage will count toward your monthly Internet usage.

  2. How does YouTube flag age-restricted videos?
    • YouTube has Community Guidelines; to ensure all YouTube content follows those guidelines, YouTube monitors its content 24/7. If a video violates the Community Guidelines, that video will be removed by YouTube. Videos that are Age-restricted are also flagged.
    • The following message will be displayed for age-restricted videos:

      Age Restriction Warning


  3. Does it cost anything to use the YouTube app on BlueSky TV?
    • There are no additional charges for accessing YouTube through BlueSky TV; however, YouTube usage on BlueSky TV counts towards any monthly Shaw Internet service data usage plans that may apply

  4. Can I watch my YouTube or Google Play purchased content on BlueSky TV?

    • YouTube purchased content is not playable when accessing the app on BlueSky TV.

  5. Is YouTube available on all of my devices?

    • YouTube is available on all on all BlueSky  TV set-top boxes. For more information on BlueSky TV hardware, see BlueSky TV cable box overview

  6. What is YouTube Premium?
    • YouTube Premium (formerly called YouTube Red) is a paid service available from YouTube, and is now available in Canada. This optional service offers a few extra features and benefits such as no ads, YouTube Music and YouTube Originals.
    • YouTube Premium features are available in the YouTube app on BlueSky TV, if you choose to subscribe to Premium through YouTube.
    • Shaw does not handle billing or support any account related services for YouTube or YouTube Premium
    • Visit YouTube Premium - YouTube for more information

  7. Can I watch 4K content in YouTube on BlueSky TV?
    • The YouTube app on BlueSky TV does not support 4K playback. Videos that are available in 4K will work, but will playback in 1080p (or the next best available) resolution. For more information on 4K content, visit 4K TV Service Explained.

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Troubleshooting FAQs
  • Having trouble with using the YouTube app on BlueSky TV?
      • Third party errors

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Accessibility FAQs
  1. How do I set parental controls or block access to the YouTube app on BlueSky TV?
    • There are several ways you can set parental controls for the YouTube app on BlueSky TV:
      • Restrict full access to the YouTube app two ways:
        • Using the Applications lock on BlueSky TV
        • Using the TV Rating Lock on BlueSky TV
      • Restrict access to content within YouTube by enabling Restricted Mode in the app
    • See Using Parental Controls for YouTube on BlueSky TV for steps on how to set up parental controls for YouTube on BlueSky TV

  2. What accessibility features are available with YouTube and how do I use them?
    • YouTube includes Closed Captioning. Videos that are viewed via the YouTube app will display accessibility features you have set up in your YouTube account. Please note that your BlueSky TV accessibility user preferences do not apply within the YouTube app.
    • To set your accessibility settings and enable Closed Captioning for YouTube, visit

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