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Hey Norm - yeah I mentioned this in my first post in this...


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Except in Bluecurve the channels are all available in HD whereas using an Arris gateway I see a lot of SD channels with no HD equivalent. If you look at the Shaw page showing total tv they show everything in HD with one or two only available in SD. I assume that our Arris gateway is not capable of receiving them somehow, but yet the Arris gateway can receive PPV, NFL, NHL etc. in HD. <sigh>

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Hey Norm - yeah I mentioned this in my first post in this thread:

I have the Total TV package and am still using the Gateway system. Because I'm not using the BlueCurve system I do not have access to a bunch of HD channels that are part of the Total TV package: ABC Spark, Cartoon Network, CW 11 Tacoma, Cottage Life, Crime + Investgation, Deja View, Discovery Science, E!, Game TV, Investigation Discovery, KTLA, KVOS, Makeful, NFL Network, Paramount, Teletoon, T+E and WSBK. When these channels became available in HD I was told that there was a good chance that some of them would become available to all SHAW customers regardless of what cable box they were using which of course was completely false.


I think it's a joke that Gateway customers pay the same rates for the Total TV package as Bluecurve customers yet don't have access to all the HD channels that are included. That's like if we went to the same restaurant and bought the same steak dinner but my dinner included a salad, a drink and a dessert even though our bills were exactly the same. That would not go over very well but this is exactly what we're dealing with by sticking with our Gateway systems. I know SHAW prefers that everybody uses the Bluecurve system but reading all the issues on this forum that the Bluecurve has I'm glad I stuck with the Gateway.

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