Bluesky constantly going down

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We are at a loss on what to do, since we got Bluesky back in July we've had nothing but problems. Goes down constantly. One time we went almost 3 weeks with no TV waiting for our tech appointment (yet I pay my bill fully which is also very frustrating). All connections are secure, they've put a booster on the line. Again it's down non stop. I call repeatedly, they say the signal is excellent. I stopped using a power bar and have it plugged directly into the wall (which was the last suggestion). We are on our third box since July as well. When I call they say it looks like it's recycling on its own so perhaps it was a power problem hence the reason I bypassed the extent ion cord/power bar. Nothing has helped. Anyone have any last ditch suggestions before we go cancel. We've been more than patient. It goes down numerous times a day-it's down again right now.

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Re: Bluesky constantly going down


Really sorry you've had such terrible experiences with Blue Sky. We get mighty frustrated when it freezes up or we get kicked off of Crave or On Demand. The more often it happens, the shorter our patience gets and yet still we have not gone thru 3 weeks of no tv at all. That would be asking too much for any customer. Really hope your issues have been resolved and you have been financially compensated. I was bothered by seeing that there was no response at all to your post in over 12 weeks. We all pay really good money and deserve decent service. Best Wishes fellow consumer. 

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