Changing Batteries for the XR11 Remote


This is an embarrassing question, but I am having difficulty in figuring out how to open the remote control itself in order to change the batteries. I'm sure it will be easy to do when I know how to do it.

I found a one sentence instruction on pressing down on the back of the remote but I'm unsure of where to press down. I assume it would be on the lower half of the remote as the upper half is where the microphone is located but do I press down on the half inch raised linear button? or somewhere else on the device? When I do press down on the appropriate spot, what happens?  I assume that the cover lifts as the remote is closed on both ends so you can't slide the cover like you could with previous remotes. 

One more question - I've noticed a lot of questions and complaints about the remote in general. I just changed to the blue curve system 2 weeks ago.  Do these problems still occur or has Shaw resolved them?  Thank you.

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Here’s a video.

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Here’s a video.

Some people have issues programming the 30 second skip, but I have never had that problem. the instructions and other tips are here.

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