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I've been waiting for 2 hours on the phone to be connected with an agent, The waiting time was 30 minutes and I was 35 in line, and no one picked up. I called again after 2 hours and the waiting time was also 30 minutes and I was 105 in line! Is anyone working today in shaw? 

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-- while you were listening "on hold", did you repeatedly...

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@NK21 -- while you were listening "on hold", did you repeatedly hear the message that Shaw is giving priority to online-chat connections?

For me, every time that I use online-chat, I immediately get connected to Shaw Support. It does state that the agent may have multiple simultaneous sessions, but it is rare that I notice an unexpected delay to a simple response from me.

Last week, I once connected to Rogers online-chat, and got "numbers" similar to your numbers. That's not good service!


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