How do i format the drive in this pvr?

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If you're simply looking to remove recorded programs from...


@gopher38 If you're simply looking to remove recorded programs from the PVR, we would recommend using the PVR Cleanup menu to do this. To access this feature, press the SETTINGS button on your remote, choose PVR from the Quick Menu, then PVR Cleanup. Use the arrow keys to highlight the episode you wish to delete, then OK/Select to select the episodes for bulk deletion.

It is, however, possible to format the hard drive in the PVR while in the configuration menu, which would help if there are corrupt or stuck recordings that you're unable to delete individually or through the PVR Cleanup. I just want to be completely clear here, this will delete ALL of the recordings stored on the PVR, but all settings on the box, such as your favourite channels and scheduled recordings will remain unchanged

To format the storage drive and remove all recordings, you'll want to start with your TV and PVR on, then complete the following steps:

  1. On the remote or using the buttons on the PVR, press Power, immediately followed by OK/Select (this takes you to the configuration menu)
  2. Confirm D01 is shown on the front display of the PVR
  3. On the remote, press Replay List List List Live (the information shown on the screen will not change, but the front display of the PVR should read Clr (repeat steps 2-3 if Clr does not appear on the display)
  4. Press OK/Select, and the PVR should power off, format itself, then power back on. Once the dashed line is no longer shown on the front display, press Power to turn the PVR back on, and then press LIST to confirm all recordings have been deleted and the disk usage is 0%. 
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