Digital Box not responding to Shaw remote

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My digital box did not responding to Shaw remote from two weeks ago. All buttons died to the box: power, channel, ok, all of them. But the remote is still working to my LG TV, no problems at all. I did nothing to it, just watched TV as before.

When this happens, I cut the power from the box, after few seconds put it back. Everything comes back to normal: the remote is working good to both box and tv. But about 10 minutes later, the box is out of control and tv is still under control.

I thought the box should be the problem, so I went to Shaw Tower get a new set, box and remote. After activation, the issue is still there, totally same.

Is there anyone have the same issue? What's the solution?


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Re: Digital Box not responding to Shaw remote

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Check for 'eco' or 'energy savings' features in the LG TV.  Some of them use a sensor to detect light in the room and this sensor puts out IR interference that stops the remotes from working.

Been there done that...

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