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I've had nothing but problems ever since I switched to gateway on Jan.2/2019. I was very happy with my old shaw pvr system. I never had a problem with it except it was too expensive.

So I called shaw cust. support and she talked me into getting gateway so I would save about $100.What a mistake. I'm missing several of the channels I used to get that I enjoyed which she didn't tell me about. And I had to call them several times a week for various things.

From the day the tech installed it I've had to replace the box 1 time and the remote does odd things like recording programs I haven't wanted to record and I've had to reprogram it several times. As well they couldn't add any new channels because there was something wrong with my account which took them a month to fix. From the sounds of it on this forum many people are having similar problems. Why is Gateway such a problem?

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Gateway or BlueSky?

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