Global recordings disappearing from BlueSky


So my pvr is at 36% and yet my recordings are disappearing. None are a year old. I've been catching up on NCIS and today I noticed that a bunch of my recordings have disappeared. Same with NCIS LA and half of this emseason of the blacklist. So then I went to Shaw on demand TV and those programs aren't even listed anymore. Why is this happening? 

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-- if you contact a Shaw Agent, probably the first thing...

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@chadrutherford -- if you contact a Shaw Agent, probably the first thing they will recommend is to disconnect the power-cord from the PVR, wait a few seconds, reconnect it, and wait for the PVR to fully restart, and then check again for the "missing" recordings.

Or, if you have the BlueCurve app on a smart-device (iPad, tablet), use it to review the list of your recordings.


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