How do I restore programs my HDPVR weirdly deleted?

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My, Motorola I think, HDPVR deleted about 5% of my programs yesterday, including 2 days of Wimbledon and unwatched fav shows. I always tape and have never had this happen before. I can see the programs in history - it says deleted to free space but no options to restore. . How do I recover them? And prevent this from happening again. Shaw chat isn't working, Shaw facebook hasn't replied after 18.5hrs, and the phone TV tech option goes to a tape and message it will reboot the TV - no possibility of speaking with a tech.

I have unplugged, rested, replugged a few times to no avail.

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Re: How do I restore programs my HDPVR weirdly deleted?



Thanks for reaching out! It is possible that your recordings were set to "Save UntilSpace is needed (shown below)"

This option defines the automatic delete feature on the Digital Box. By default, the oldest recordings will be deleted to make room for new recordings. There is no way to restore these programs, if possible the content may be available "On Demand."

To avoid this in the future, I'd recommend the alternate option by choosing the "I delete" setting which will require you to delete recordings of your choice when the recording space on the Digital Box is full.


Tony | Community Mod.

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