Is my Shaw PVR Dying?


Hi, we have an old SHAW HDPVR, the DCX3400-M and recently we power cycled the pvr and all of our recordings were lost. this has happened before when it showed 0% full and cycled it again and suddenly it restored.

This time however we've been power cycling it again and our recordings aren't coming back...we've also noticed that our recording hasn't been stable lately either as it would always cut off in the recording and said some portions of it has been lost. When we watch live channels, it also freezes on and off as well..

Is this a sign that the PVR is dying? should we look into getting a replacement?


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That definitely sounds like odd behaviour, and like the b...


@mahram That definitely sounds like odd behaviour, and like the box is not functioning as intended. I'd recommend getting in touch with our technical support team here so they can set up a service appointment for you to have a technician come out to take a look at it! 

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