New DCX-3510-M Fails to ALERT of CONFLICTS


Recently our two older PVR (DCX-3400-M) Boxes were replaced with DCX-3510-M Boxes because the older boxes stopped functioning properly - apparently due to Shaw phasing out older equipment.

The DCX-3510-M Boxes appear to have a CRITICAL OMISSION which has resulted in a number of MISSED recordings already - When looking at our future 'SCHEDULE' of upcoming recordings there is NO ALERT OF RECORDING CONFLICTS when more than 2 shows are scheduled to record at the same time. The older box (DCX-3400-M) ALWAYS alerted when there were recording conflicts at the same time which allowed us to rearrange recordings to different times or channels. The ONLY way that the DCX-3510-M box alerts of conflicts is when new recordings are initially being set up, or thereafter when we scroll through the 'GUIDE' and that is a tedious and inaccurate method of finding conflicts as many are missed! Is there any way to fix this major omission in function? It is very annoying to miss important recordings without prior knowledge. All that is needed is to show the conflicted show icon with an 'X' as appears in the GUIDE similar to the older box.

Additionally, I find the process of getting to 'SCHEDULE' very annoying due to the numerous required steps - MENU - RECORDINGS - 2 UP Arrows - 2 RIGHT Arrows - Then 'OK' .... It sure would be nice if there was a single button that went DIRECTLY to 'SCHEDULE' similar to the 'LIST (green)' button that goes directly to RECORDINGS. Is there any way to fix these missing functions that were available in the older boxes? Newer is NOT always BETTER!


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