Possible software bug with Bluesky TV

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Sort of a continuation of the issue I've been dealing with since switching to Bluesky TV:

Had been watching Netflix through BSTV, went back to watching normal TV - everything was fine as far as there being a signal, etc... However, I use my A/V Receiver's remote to adjust the volume usually, and I noticed that the volume bar that pops up on screen was smaller than normal (and it normally shouldn't even be visible when I adjust the volume to begin with).  I grabbed my Sony TV remote, and pressed the "display" button, which shows the current resolution, etc... and it indicated that the signal was 720p / 16:9 aspect ratio.  

Previously, when this happened, I wasn't getting any visible signal (though a signal was being sent since neither my TV nor my AVR was indicating that there was no input), but in this instance I was only going from Netflix to normal TV locally on the Bluesky TV box (previously it was anytime I had to switch inputs, so when the handshake occurred something went awry causing no visible signal).  In the Bluesky TV settings, I went to Settings > Device Settings > Power Preferences > then selected Power Down Now.  Pressing any button on the Bluesky remote to wake up the PVR box did not solve the incorrect resolution.  Since I still had a visible signal, I went back to Settings > Device Settings > Power Preferences > then selected Restart.  Once it finished the restart process, I pressed "display" on my Sony TV's remote again, and it displayed the correct 3840 x 2160 4K / 16:9 aspect ratio.      

I am going to test a few things out, starting by disabling the option in Settings > Preferences > General > and turning off the Prefer Best Available Resolution option.  In Settings > Device Settings > Video Display it is set to 16:9, 2160p60 4K UHD (Best Available).

This problem occurred with the previous Bluesky TV box I got only a few weeks ago.  The fact that it's happening with the replacement box is kind of telling me one of two things: 1. it's an inherent problem with the hardware where it has trouble handling input changes, etc... or 2. it's a bug in the firmware.  I want to think that it's simply a firmware issue.  Since rebooting the Bluesky box resolves the problem, I do not believe that it's anything with my A/V receiver causing this to happen.  Instances when there was no visible signal, bypassing the A/V Receiver did not result in re-establishing a visible signal, so it's something in the BSTV box itself, I think.   

If someone in tech support can *please* contact me, I would like to be able to resolve this problem.  

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